It is because of my belief in the inherent wholeness of each of us, that I have chosen acupuncture as a profession. 



Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are powerful tools for healing. They are powerful because they are holistic treatments. Holistic treatments address and treat both the symptoms and the root causes. In addition to Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, I also recommend mindful eating. 

These combined approaches successfully address the whole body and the deeper imbalance, which is often the cause of our health issues. These approaches work both in tandem as well in complementary ways. 




Each of our internal organs has an energetic pathway in our bodies that correspond to an acupuncture point.  By stimulating those points with fine needles, we increase the blood flow and energy to our cells, organs, tissues and muscles. This stimulation helps to relieve any pain we may experience; it restores our body’s natural balance and helps our body heal itself.



Our food is both a source of pleasure and stress.  We may think we eat too much, not well enough or too little.  When we can eat in a moderate and balanced way, we can begin to eliminate our food cravings.  Consuming our meals mindfully and preparing healthy food, we begin to eat in a sustainable way which can bring an unexpected vitality and energy into our daily life.




Herbs are beneficial as a safe and natural complement to use between acupuncture sessions. They serve to help the body integrate the treatment goals and can be prescribed in either a tea or capsule form. We work together to create a customized herbal prescription that addresses your specific symptoms.

Better, together.


My practice over time has offered me both the privilege and the experience in helping clients to live free of pain, discomfort, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Through the use of acupuncture, herbs, diet, exercise and lifestyle changes I have seen clients find more joy, clarity, energy and purpose in their life.

We work together as teammates, where we each participate in the wellness process. When clients are able to take responsibility for their daily decisions with the aid of our sessions, our work together leads to optimal outcomes.